How this biotech company is bringing software to big pharma

Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in Blog |

SilcsBio does drug discovery via software. The company just got a $1.2 million award from the federal government to ramp up research efforts. Since completing a 2013 licensing deal with UM Ventures for technology that brings computers into the process of pharmaceutical drug discovery, SilcsBio has been growing its product offerings and sales. Now, the company is getting a boost from the federal government. The company was awarded a Phase II...

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SilcsBio, LLC Receives Phase II NIH SBIR Funding

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Blog |

Baltimore, Maryland: SilcsBio, LLC announced today a $1.3 million funding award from the National Institute of Health to develop new computer aided drug design (CADD) software. CADD software enables pharmaceutical companies to rapidly identify new drug opportunities and reduce the overall costs and time requirements to bring drugs to market. “This funding will allow us to improve upon our already best in class accuracy and extend its use into...

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