icon1Who We Are

Early Charm Ventures transforms science into business. We co-found companies with entrepreneurial minded researchers at the earliest stages of commercialization, often so early that it is difficult to see a clear path to market.

icon1What We Do

We help you translate new ideas, science and technology into a competent business structure and strategy. From corporate formation and governance, commercialization strategy and implementation, fund raising, IP management, networking, accounting and management, our team provides the full package needed to partner with researchers for a successful venture.

icon1What’s Current

Proud to watch my Dipole Materials Inc. co-founder, Jim West, speak at TEDx this morning.

Cure your fear of snakes, flying, heights... http://t.co/tqfnNwXvny but maybe not your fear of snakes on planes http://t.co/ZufKWfOWvi

Combine a hedge fund analyst and a green beret to get a new level of patient data protection http://t.co/ogAiMfWjml http://t.co/laUyvsUh5d

Andres founded http://t.co/Bf21CobPT5 in Estonia and moved to Baltimore this year because of DreamIT http://t.co/WQGB7EyqzE

Noah showing his energy for delivering best of class care to EVERY patient. http://t.co/ugAPZKDKCr http://t.co/LjXTQv9QQq

We translate science into business.